Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gymnastics on RAF Lakenheath

Few of these pictures are blurry: this is Jaxons first day of gymnastics out at the military base here in England! We drop Aiyla off at daycare and have some one on one time just the two of us. Have to say he is quite a natural as far as body strength this kiddo has.

in above picture he is jumping on trampoline and below he lands

good form and balance

getting ready to do a back flip, he scoots himself into the wedge and flips

crawls through the tunnel next

walks across balancing beam and starts back at trmapoline for a few laps

off to uneven bars

loves this look at smile

off to another trampoline they jump down this white line in the middle of trampoline with there arms up the whole time and here he i at the end finishing.. so proud of you Jaxon!


  1. Nice job Jaxon! That is a perfect activity for his age. Love it!