Monday, January 20, 2014

Birthday party

singing Happy Birthday to Allen Jones 29 yrs!

very cute decorations, Carrie set up a beer cake ( like diaper cake but with beer cans ) bought these awesome glow in dark balloons... so much more... thanks for a good night of fun! Happy Birthday Allen!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Curve motion in Bury st Edmunds

this place a friend introduced me to few weeks ago and is only 15 mins away from our place!

in back is the roller skating rank, cafe off to the right of this picture seating to left, seating to the left of this picture and huge playzone not pictured

Jared only got one picture of us but thought it was still cute to post even though its blurry...

JAred and Jaxon roller skating. we orinigally only came to play but Jaxons request was to roller skate, why not... he loved it being his first time.. he did pretty good!

now to the fun zone

Aiyla and I going down the slide in the toddler area

she is having a blast

you can just see expression on her face she was loving this place as well
Jaxon in the ball pit...pretty cool you put the ball in the whole and they shoot out from above the kiddos

Jared and Jaxon time,

Gymnastics on RAF Lakenheath

Few of these pictures are blurry: this is Jaxons first day of gymnastics out at the military base here in England! We drop Aiyla off at daycare and have some one on one time just the two of us. Have to say he is quite a natural as far as body strength this kiddo has.

in above picture he is jumping on trampoline and below he lands

good form and balance

getting ready to do a back flip, he scoots himself into the wedge and flips

crawls through the tunnel next

walks across balancing beam and starts back at trmapoline for a few laps

off to uneven bars

loves this look at smile

off to another trampoline they jump down this white line in the middle of trampoline with there arms up the whole time and here he i at the end finishing.. so proud of you Jaxon!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bowling / Toys R Us

Colchester Zoo in UK

Jareds first day off in a while we decided to go to the Zoo


Jared and Jaxons favorite animal, Penguin!!!

Such a happy boy!

Sea Lions

Heading up to see fish!

Pink Flamingo


Another picture of Lions

Off to see the Giraffes Elephants Zebra and Rhino

Jaxons Favorite thing

You can just see how happy he is this is  his first site of the elephants

making elephant noises sooo cute!



perfect timing got in line to feed the giraffes

and the Elephants



off to get some dinner and headed home! Probably one of my favorite things we  have done out here this far as a family! Luckily we got a couple passes. and we have to head back very soon! Maybe, summer time! Luckily the weather was awesome as it can be for England since rains alot here.