Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Love you Jaxon

Dear baby Jaxon,

This morning I woke you up while you were still sleeping and moved you into my arms and cuddled on the rocking chair. I gave you a bottle and brushed your hair to put you ease while you ate.

Afterwards, you slept.

I couldn’t help and wonder if this is what you’ll look like when you’re old and I can only watch you from a far. I wondered if you would still have your hair or if you would b...
e surrounded by the laughter of your family or if you would be fishing by the river in the home that your parents owned and you took over.

I wondered when I should give the book I wrote you – with a few love letters over 9 months – and whether it should be a graduation gift or a wedding gift or when you have your first child or even a first birthday gift.

I reread them this morning and laughed and cried and smiled at the thought of you looking at them.

You are my heart, little one – always.

You can create smiles with your smile and laughter with your laugh. You already know peace in your heart and yet you have not seen the rest of this world. I hope you are able to bring peace to those who touch your soul.

I had hoped that you would grow up in Montana, with the love and laughter that I have known, but I believe there are other plans in place for you – more than I can image.

So we, your family, will guide you the best we can with wisdom that given to us. We will be there for you though it all and give you a lift where ever you need it.

I hope, whenever I give you this book, you’ll read it and laugh too. I hope you grin at yourself, give your father a big hug, and kiss me on the cheek.

I hope – forever – that you know you are loved.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baptism for jaxon

Getting ready for a big swim

Getting blessed by everyone

And the judges gave him tens across the board

Our baby is baptised

Tracie lighting the baptismal candle

 Our godparents for jaxon Marc and Tracie and Tracie also one of my maid of honors thank you guys for being a part of all this!!!
first time seeingeach other and goofing off before the photographer got there

Jareds family visits

remaking of jaxon's first slide.. ( when we got married with justice of the peace this is one of the spots we took our pic while i was pregnant )

Enjoying a picnic at Giant Springs with Jareds family

out for a stroll over the springs
Dan,Rchel, Austin
Ben,Jared Dad Bobic, Mom Bobic and Dan checking out scene

Bobic Family pic last day before everyone had to venture home

Mom and dad coming back from  their ride on our motorcyle
Jaxon and grandpa bonding time
First time meeting Jaxon !!!! other then in  a box (skype)

Pool time

First swim in new pool

lil more interested in playing with the grass and chewing on side of the pool
smiling at daddy!!!!

Fourth of July Parade

The base had a fourth of JUly Parade to participate in.. the day before we met up and decorated.. heres jaxon all ready to go...
a shot of another lil family in the parade
Great family pic Happy Fourth of July !!!!
YAY!!!! Go Jaxon.. took first place in the parade... Congrats Jaxon!!! SO proud..

Its officially Fourth of July sitting downtown waiting for the parade to start ...

Daddy and Jaxon dress alike

Jaxon at 4 months

Jaxon at 8 month

Voyager Baseball game

Take me out to the ball game

Jaxon said he wished he was an oscar meyer weiner so we went searching for the weiner mobile and found it !!!!
check it out

after a long day of searching he needed to relax!!!!

Jaxons firsts

Jaxon loving his new car seat!!!

 First grape sucker from the bank
first ride in the car

Jared and I moments after the proposal.  We spent all day recreating dates, from our first day out shooting to the moment we knew we were in Love.  One of our first dates we posed for a picture of us kissing in this very spot, a day we will never forget and is upstaged only by this day that he dropped to one knee and asked for me to be his best friend for the rest of our lives.

play date

Monday, June 25, 2012

Parade in Belt

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