Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Childrens Musuem

Nana got to join us. Jaxon was so excited.
 Here he is showing off his climbing skills.

 Here is a dress up area and across from that is a puppet show area they can come perform
 crawling through the tunnel

 Catching his breathe, taking a quick break

Jaxon is so into wearing hats he always walks around our house wearing his fireman helmet so when he spotted this construction hat in the construction zone he got super excited.. After all was a really fun morning.. Betting Jaxon will take really great nap today... He played so well and had a great time!! well have to go back again...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day of fun at Park

Beautiful day yesterday so decided to enjoy outdoors at park right before naptime
The swing is a big hit with Jaxon couldn't get him out of it.. Or at least he wasn't happy when we had to go home

Great capture of Jaxon laughing at Daddy

Kelseys 1st Birthday Party

Heres  a Birthday Party we went to this weekend its actually  one of Jareds friends coworkers little girls.
Heres a cake my Mom made very big hit by all... One of the best cakes they said they all have had!!! I agree
this was last of cake not one piece left at the end!!!
Loved the decorations
and heres the Birthday Girl

Enjoying here smash cake with a spoon lol so cute!!
Singing Happy Birthday!!!
Jaxon vegging on the ottoman using the balloon as a pillow
Was a huge entertainer at the party everyone just loved Jaxon!!

Birthday Girl and Jaxon riding Kelseys new fourwheeler
looks like we might have to get him one of these they had a great time on this
Goodie bag presents to take home such clever cute idea!!! Happy Birthday Kelsey

Margarita Meltdown 2013

Almost didn't make it out this weekend for local Margarita meltdown but so glad we did..Thankful for Taylor, Nana and Papa for babysitting...

Next morning we picked up Jaxon from Nana and Papas...... it was 40 degrees outside beautiful so couldn't resist the shades and some playtime outside
running to the car
Saying Bye and thank you to Nana and Papa for a great weekend...

Jaxons First time Bowling

Another Family Night out
This time we decided to enjoy it Bowling at the Bowling alley on Malmstrom AFB...

Argo basketball game

family night out
 We decided to take Jaxon to a Argo basketball game and showed him around the campus since this is where Mommy, Aunt Sabrina and Nana graduated..

Jaxon was so well behaved hung out like this practically the entire game not sure if it was cause it was so loud and such a new big different place but it ended up being a great family night out.

Rodeo 2013

Jared and I  had been talking about going to the rodeo since it was in town,  but hesitated to get tickets cause Jared just had surgery... but good news is we showed up and a couples friends weren't coming so she gave us their  tickets happened to be best tickets in the house... was great view at least....turned out to be great date night...

Jared in hospital

Saturday night Jared comes upstairs to our bedroom complaining of gas like pains an mentioned he was going to head into the ER. He was hesitant at first cause guess like any person if its just gas its embarrassing to go in for symptoms like this.. But after blood work, cat scan and other test we found out it was his appendix..

Here is Jared before surgery men while I headed to the patient waiting room to hear how surgery went.

thought this was so sweet Jaxon was such a good boy.. here he is hugging dady try make him feel better.. Jared had a lot of restrictions no pulling, pushing, picking up anything more then 20 pounds including Jaxon :( poor little guy did well... was tough for Jaxon at first since he is used to wrestling with daddy all the time.. all is well now and everything is back to normal and all healed up.. thanks for all prayers and support!!!