Sunday, January 19, 2014

Curve motion in Bury st Edmunds

this place a friend introduced me to few weeks ago and is only 15 mins away from our place!

in back is the roller skating rank, cafe off to the right of this picture seating to left, seating to the left of this picture and huge playzone not pictured

Jared only got one picture of us but thought it was still cute to post even though its blurry...

JAred and Jaxon roller skating. we orinigally only came to play but Jaxons request was to roller skate, why not... he loved it being his first time.. he did pretty good!

now to the fun zone

Aiyla and I going down the slide in the toddler area

she is having a blast

you can just see expression on her face she was loving this place as well
Jaxon in the ball pit...pretty cool you put the ball in the whole and they shoot out from above the kiddos

Jared and Jaxon time,

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  1. What a fun place! Aiyla looks so big! They are both so cute!