Sunday, June 23, 2013

lewis and clark Interpretive Center with Daddy

 Jared took the kids the the Lewis and Clark interpretive center, while I headed to a bridal shower! on there walk they ran across this tent and Jaxon got to try to catch crawfish in the bucket !!!

 Jaxon climbed all the way to the top by himself while daddy carried sister once they got to the last three stairs jaxon was so tiredhe grabbed  daddies hand and needed a lil lift was so cute!!

Fathers day 2013

Happy Fathers Day Grandpa Bobic Papa Traxinger and Daddy.. we made Papa a sign for his desk of a pic of Aiyla and Jaxon!! You can barely see it but it is to the left of Papas arm
 Nana and Papa got him a gift also than you guy so much!!
 And heres the gifts we made for Daddy!!

Happy Father's Day!!!

Many things we did while Jareds parents visited

 Day after baptism Jared and his parents took kids to Gibson Park and Childrens Museum
 Jaxon loves chasing the ducks
 And of  course he can never get to much swinging time !
 Here Jaxon is with his Grandpa at the childrens museum
 And Jareds Mom with Jaxon checking things out..
 while they played here I was getting a masasage thank you mom for treating me to that! really appreciated  it
 Then that evening we headed to fort Benton
 this is the exact spot Jared propsed to me out in Fort Benton

 After trip to fort Benton my mom and dad  treated us to homeaid ice cream and dinner thank you guys

 Tuesday morning Jaxon had his 18 month well baby check up and then we headed to the Gates of the MOuntain tour

 Can you see the eagle in the tree?

 Love this pic of jaxon taking to driver of the boat

 Aiyla enjoying the fresh air so cute

 from boat tour, we headed to Helena and enjoyed some fun on the carousel, walked around the downtown and ate some dinner... while we were at dinner the governor also showed up to enjoy dinner actually didn't get a pic but he was sitting directly across from us !

And we said our goodbyes  thank you so much for coming out to visit. we really enjoyed having you here in mt ... well see you all next time in Englnd!

Aiyla's Baptism