Thursday, December 26, 2013


Went bowling this morning with some friends

Jaxon jumped right in and had a blast

there were four other kids we bowled with this morning and they all did awesome ! Was super successful  and fun day!

Jaxon cheering and clapping he was soo excited!

Ava and Aiyla playing

Aiyla crawling around the house

and Ava decided she wanted to crush her hair.. thoguht the little towel she added to Aiylas back was too cute

Aiylas all done and looks cute as ever!

dress up time

what a sport Jared is ...

Ava asked him if she could make him pretty... Jared suprsingly said yes not knowing how much she was going to put on! she also painted his nails purple too funny!

Christmas Day

AIylas first christmas in England!

Jaxon chrsitmas morning opening up his gifts from Santa

tons of fun

We decided not to rush through opening gifts but to take our time and let the kids enjoy the gifts one at a time! here they are playing with new train !

opening some gifts with Daddy!

Jared got me a candle for christmas here is AIyla smelling it !

playing with her new drum she got!

Jaxons a pro already he put the glove on perfect and wanted to play catch!

this pictures almost made me cry, daddy  had to work 9 to 7 yesterday ! Jaxon was pretty upset about it!

Love you Daddy thank you for all you do for us!

I think she has an idea of what Santa got her..

thinking about it ???/
she was right its  a sippy cup!

yay! daddy is home time for daddy to open gifts!

Jaxon wanted to give daddy a hand opening gifts ! Merry Christmas everyone! hope everyone had a good Christmas!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve

on our way to christmas eve service, before we left had jaxon open an ornament and putr it on the tree

after the service we drove around Lakenheath village to look at lights

hen came home for family pictures

opening christmas eve packages with pajamas and story

then reindeer food

and cookies, milk and carrots for Santa and reindeer

trying to get picture with Aiyla in her pajamas but as you can see she is super mobile now!

Jaxon in his pajamas

Aiyla in her christmas pajamas

going to bed so Santa can come

Santa came last night!