Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Party planner partners

 Jesse and Heather taking pics !! was such a cute way to not be revealed until he got to see her walk down the aisle at the church
 Heather and her beautiful bridesmaids
 All the handsome groomsman
 And Heather and Jesse daughters

 Heres a gorgeous pics of the church!!
 And here at the reception cakes
 appetizers and cake were served here
 sign in table

 fun fountain
parties head table .... Congradualtions Jesse and Heather

Ice cream truck

 Ice cream truck comes by every Mon. wed. and Friday on occasion we take jaxon out to get a treat!!

Patrioitic Baby contest

 We went for a walk one evening to the BX and noticed they had a contest for cutest baby I couldn't resist entering Aiyla and Jaxon!! Here is a pic of the contestants we had some big comitetion against us!
Jaxon got 3rd place and Aiyla got 7th place way to go babies!! so proud of em!!

Fourth of July 2013

 little d├ęcor in house to celebrate the fourth

 Aiyla all dressed ready to go to the parade!
 little family pic

 nana and I with kids last yr with nana and papa next yr well be in England

 Tim and Sabrina invited us over for a evening BBQ thank you guys for the invite

 then we headed to the river to watch the firework show

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Aiyla Ann 3 months old

weights 12 pounds
 trying to sit up
 sleeping through the night
loves pat - a - cake

Monday, July 1, 2013

Voyager Baseball game

 Jaxon visiting with the team before the game started
Jaxons so proud Papa caught a fly ball for him

 Aiylas first ball game ...
 Jaxon high fiving Orbit and getting his autograph on his baseball he caught
such a happy boy! Great game and they even won!! thanks mom and dad for joining us

Congrats Jared

 Jared walking up on stage at his promotion ceremony for making Tech.