Sunday, August 14, 2011

Before and After

Before and after pictures of babies room.

Night before Jared left putting on last touches for Jaxon's room.
Jared's Aunt bought us tickets to Montley Crue and Poison Concert while Back in Pa visiting Here we are in front of tour bus.
First time at Cabelas and loved it. Girls dream come true in this store.

Trip Back to PA

Jared and I on the boat...

Jared and his pup Clover 
Beautiful bike trail and great memories along the way.

Jared and I at Airman Leadership Graduation all  dressed up. Here I am above at 22 weeks along in my Pregnancy..

A sad fairwell

Jared's heading to training, before he goes to Afghanistan for 8 months. He will be missed Greatly. Can't Wait tell he returns home even if its only for 2 weeks before he leaves again.